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What do you think is the nerdiest?

an angel

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fffffffffffffth. They're only as nerdy as you make them.


Also, computer science will let you keep your computer from controlling you now that they've taken over the world.


Also, that attitude is a big part of the reason women have crappyier jobs than men, and make less than men at the same jobs. :thinking:

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Also, what she said.




Although women were well-represented early in computer programming’s history, women are today less likely to be found in the ranks of programmers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, product designers, web designers, all-purpose hackers, sysadmins, network security experts and just about any other profession that requires the slightest bit of scientific, mathematical and technical expertise. We make up roughly 30% of the computer and information science workforce..

..In 1984, around 37% of computer science program graduates were women. Astonishingly, in 2005, that number had decreased to just 22%.


...We could just as easily say today, “Give me a child until she is seven, and I will give you the female engineer.” But we don’t say that; we as a culture don’t encourage little girls in their most formative years to be engineers. We encourage them to be mothers, caretakers, cooks, designers, aestheticians, seamstresses, communicators, hairdressers, and everything but engineers — or generals, mechanics, and anything else that, harking back to the beginning of this essay, requires the slightest bit of scientific, mathematical or technological skill.

Before you retort with your personal vote of support for female education, I’d ask you to take a stroll around a toy store and imagine you can’t read. Imagine, if you will, that you’ve been taught a simple system of color-coding: Pink and purple is for girls, and blue, green and gray are for boys.

You will immediately notice the drastic segregation — the gendered version of the Jim Crow-era South. There are entire aisles of pink, and other aisles devoted to dark blues and greens. Imagine that you are only “allowed” in the pink and purple areas of the store, and examine the toys you find there.

The vast majority of playthings for little girls encourage them to think about nurturing others and caring for themselves — including, to a large extent, their appearances. These aren’t inherently negative lessons to learn, except for the fact that these lessons exclude others that deal with problem-solving, strategy, physics… you know, the kinds of things you learn from playing with Lego, K’nex, Stratego and other male gender-coded games and toys.



Because frankly, when this recession has finally destroyed most of the middle class, "nerdy" tech stuff is where the good, high-paying jobs will be left in America. And girls won't be able to get them because they were too scared of math as kids for no good reason other than being called nerd. Nerd isn't helping.




Also, I'm the only girl in my class now, I'm the only girl at my job, and I'm starting to get lonely. :(

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fffffffffffffth. They're only as nerdy as you make them.


if you have to pick one, choose the one you like or would like most, or as my structures teacher said 'what you'd like to be doing in a 10 years time? where do you see yourself in a 10 years time?, go for it!'.

if you choose an option that other tell you to choose, cause is in fashion or your friends do it or whatever and you don't like it at all, it'll be a waste of time and you'll regret it.

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