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The bells of Nooootre Daaaame


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Morning in Paris, the city awakes,

to the belllls of Nooootre Daaaame.


The fisherman fishes, the bakerman bakes

to the bells of Noootre Daaame.


To the big bells as loud as the thunder

To the little bells soft as a psaaalm

And some say the soul of the city's the toll of the bells!

The bellls of Nooootre Daaaame.

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Notre-Dame de Paris???





Listen, they're beautiful, no?

So many colors of sound, so many changing moods

Because you know, they don't ring all by themselves. (They don't?)

No, silly boy,

Up there, high high in the dark bell tower,

Lives the mysterious bell ringer.

Who is this creature? (Who?)

What is he? (What?)

How did he come to be there? (How?)


Hush, and Clopin will tell you,

It is a tale, a tale of a man and a monster.

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I don't know that songs!!! hahahahaha I know them in Spainsh and they are so different!


Mirando desde aqui, cuantas parejas vi

enamorados pasear

y había un halo entorno a ellos

era una luz tan celestial.


Sabía bien que no

no sentiría yo,

no es para mi, no debo amar.

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