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Ima build a house

Matter-Eater Lad

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are you really going to build one?

you can use those..I don't know the exact name for it.... the gun-like thingy :uhoh:


lol nail gun?

It is much more enjoyable to use a hammer. Harder the work the more pleasure there is when it is done. There is something therapeutic about building something the old way with a hammer.



Wait, could a person who is legible for one of these houses

help build one and then live in it?

That's a good question, now i wanna ask someone and find out.

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How was it? I must admit i didn't expect you to have done that.


Why's that? :lol:


To be honest though, I didn't exactly volunteer for it; my dad volunteered himself, my brother, and me for it. He just told me one day to get up at 7 the next morning because we were going to go build a house and I was like, "lolque :blank:"


It wasn't bad, I think all I did was remove nails from boards all day.

We were supposed to go again a few more times, but no one else ever showed up or it was canceled. I don't know if they ever finished it.

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