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Shocking News...


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DISCLAIMER: I am actually talking about news reports on television and newspaper.


Do you ever feel that some news items are reported just to create hate and interest, and therefore sell newspapers and get television ratings?


I don't mean Glenn Beck, I mean those public interest stories like for example, a news item which has been posted on here 3 times, a dying child being harassed by her 30 year old neighbour because of conflict in the past. I mean, clearly this is insane, and clearly that neighbour has to be insane to do such a thing, do we really need this to be a news item so that we can all look at it and go "Oh god, shes awful, she should die, etc. etc."


To me, of course it's a horrible thing for a person to do, but I don't know why the world needs to know about it, and I don't understand why it's significant news. The parents of this child had reported it, and there has been no complaints over how it's being dealt with by local authorities, so I don't see why it's newsworthy.


So, where do you draw the line between what's shockingly awful for the sake of selling papers, and what's genuine news?













Original thread post which caused confusion:


This is a thread about Shocking News.


That topic about the online bullying of a dying child got me thinking, is this news? Or is it just sickening?


And that's always where it's hard to draw the line, does it help society to report this? Should we be informed and make a big deal out of it- does that mean the authorities will take it more seriously? Should I ask another question?


I don't just mean that one news item about the dying child, but there are always sensational news stories (And often stories that aren't sensational which are made to look like it) to sell newspapers or TV station viewing figures, and it's sometimes a very blurry line to cross what's genuine news and what's just sick shit that makes us all shake our heads in disgust and agreement that it is indeed disgusting.

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The topic you made genuinely made me think of this, it's the 3rd time that I know of that it's been posted on here as a topic. Honestly this was not a shot at you for posting the topic (And to be honest while I can't blame you for thinking that it might be- I find it quite self-obsessive that you assume it definitely is), but simply a topic about where we draw the line about what is considered a news item and what is reported just to stir us up and sell papers. Your topic simply made me think of this.


But in that same topic (And I've just read this now) you've written about how another shocking news item pissed you off and asked if you had gotten around to posting it. I find that really interesting.

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I do like the lounge more when it's like that because it's fun. Stupid, but fun.




Anyway. Yes I do think some of those stories are published just to get sales and ratings. People are interested so they'll show it to make something off that interest.

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True. People will know that kind of story but won't be able to tell me about the latest development in Israel/Palestine.



Sad, but true. :cry:


I still remember when Bush's dog (Billie?) died (USA's former first dog). When it died, it was mentioned on the TV2 News. A FORMER first dog in the USA mentioned on DANISH television in the news!! I was :stunned: :shocked:

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The story being referred to is in my local area.



that woman = TRASH



The parents probably reported it to the local news, but it was the station's decision to air it. Like you all said, for the, "oh, lookey here at our news station" factor. However, a nice follow-up story came out of it. A bunch of people donated money/etc. for her to go on a shopping spree at a local toy store, ride there in a limo, all sorts of cool stuff to cheer her up. She looked genuinely happy. Doesn't change what that woman did, but at least it brought a smile to the little girl's face.

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^That's a really good point actually, and it's great that happened. But isn't it quite odd the world we live in, if some demented family didn't try to mock her and cyber bully her parents, she probably wouldn't have had much local attention like most disabled children.


DIJIBOO made a good point, a lot of people who obsess over these kinds of stories tend to flick past pages about 60 people dying to get to them. I don't see how it's necessary awareness of a situation, should we learn that it's bad to cyber bully dying children?


The people are clearly mentally ill and totally detached from reality, so it's not exactly going to teach anyone of a fixed mental state to not do what they are doing.

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