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Rolling Stone Magazine- The Playlist Issue: Chris Martin


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Chris Martin's 80's Playlist For Rolling Stone


I was reading this week's Rolling Stone and they asked 50 artists for their personal top 10's. Chris was one of them. Here it is:


Coldplay's synth-powered futurism draws deep from the well of Eighties pop. A-ha, Michael Jackson, Kate Bush, Here, frontman Chris Martin names 10 songs from the decade that shaped the band's tastes.


1. "Hunting High and Low" A-ha 1985

This is from the album that has "Take on Me." It's emotional, and has the best use of seagull sounds of any track I can think of.


2. "Running up that Hill" Kate Bush 1985

It has effortlessness about it, even though you can hear how much work has gone into it.


3. "A Sort of Homecoming" U2 1984

I'm a bit superstitious, so if I have a new house, this is always the first song I play there.


4. "Buffalo Stance" Neneh Cherry 1988


5. "Sally Cinnamon" The Stone Roses 1987

We listened to the Stone Roses a lot growing up- they're like Nirvana in our world.


6. "Bad" Michael Jackson 1987

Michael wrote the bass line, and it's so powerful.


7. "Mr. Brownstone" Guns n' Roses 1987

When we were deciding which one of us would be Coldplay's singer, we made our drummer Will Champion do this one. He does the best Axl in the group.


8. "Back to Life (however do you want me) Soul II Soul 1989


9. "Orange Crush" REM 1988


10. "Brilliant Disguise" Bruce Springsteen 1987

At the time, all I knew were the cute butt and American flag. Today, I would follow him to Mount Sinai and listen to his every word.

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