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HELLAW bloggers, blogreaders and stuff yo


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My 3 months old computer crashed :cry2: and even if it's fixed now I lost all the blogs, websites etc that I saved as "favourites". So now I need new ones woop :awesome:


Tell me people, what blogs do you read? Maybe you follow some awesome peeps on tumblr? Or there's a mega awesome person on flickr I should know about?


Yeah anyway, post some links now people! :bomb:



Edit: Feel free to post links to your own blogs or whatever you have going on there in cyber space :wacko:

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Yeah duh, I asked for links, reifoo


edit: what is there to read in a porn blog anyway? Sex stories? Some pornstar's blogposts? "Dear diary, today I was fucked in all holes. Tomorrow I shall suck some dude's dick. The End"

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