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CBSC bans Dire Straits "Money for Nothing"


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Saw this in the paper, and thought it had to be a joke.


Apparently someone recently complained to the CBSC, over the use of an anti-gay term deemed offensive (and it is offensive), contained within the Dire Straits hit "Money for Nothing." And so, 25-years after the song became a hit single, it has been banned in its original form, though an edited version can be aired.


The song is not intended to be anti-homosexual, and it really isn't. I have a lot of gay friends, who find this far sillier than I do. Mostly, I find it sad, in this day and age, the complainant found nothing more pertinent to fight for, whether it be in his/her municipality, country or within the gay community. And that the complaint was given such heavy merit.


Some of the comments attached to these articles are interesting. Many folks bring forth examples of songs written by Dylan, Springsteen and the Stones with material that could easily be deemed far more offensive.


Sorry to sound off, was never a huge fan of the song (though I do remember when it was big), but overall I find this a little ridiculous. Maybe a part of me is a little surprised it didn't happen in the States first.





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Guest howyousawtheworld

It's a great song from a fantastic band. I could see the point if Mark Knopfler went around burning rainbow flags and images of famous gay people but he doesn't.


How pathetic and really really sad.

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And that when used in the song, that word is sung as a vulgar idiot pissing about the ease of the rich rockers. Had no context of demeaning a gay individual. There are so many stories out about this now; most are really really entertaining.


Apparently the ban came after one complaint from one person. The CBSC claims they've never received complaints about the "n-word", references to explicit acts of violence, or the general degradation of women. Initially, I found that hard to believe, but then figured most people do what I do...twist the knob, flip the station, listen to something else.

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this is the song




I personally think it's so stupid to ban the song just for saying that word. I mean of course it's not a good word, but but as people have mentioned no one complains about the n-word. Also the song is so old already, it's ridiculous to ban it.

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