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WOM AWARDS, ROUND 2! (Shortlist on Page 3. Deadline February 14 @ 5:30 pm (GMT -6))


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As many of you who hang around the forum a lot (particularly The Lounge) know, the 2010 Forum Awards are in their preliminary stages of ideas and whatnot. There has been talk about a separate awards ceremony for the World of Music. This idea has been rather well-received, and people have been throwing around for ideas for the WoM Awards as well. With the help of Tammi (Crests of Daylight) and Bea (Darlene_Ifnhsa), I will organize this WoM Award thing and finally make it happen. I think it's a good idea.


Anyway, these will take place after the usual awards, probably in December, around the time when people are also thinking of their 2010 Albums of the Year or whatever. Given that, there's still plenty of time for putting everything together. However, after talking with one of our fave mods (thanks, Dave, for letting me do this), I realize that it's never too early to set things up.


As this is the WoM Awards, this is for all of you who reside in here. It's for you guys who make mixtapes for the exchanges, who critique the albums that have just come out, who just love music. I want to know what you guys think and what types of categories of awards you guys would like to have. Please leave any suggestions you have here. If you guys have any questions, feel free to PM me.


Thanks. :smiley:


Awards Carried Over from 2009 Music Awards

-Song of the Year

-EP of the Year

-Music Video of the Year

-Best Debut Album

-Most Overrated Album

-Most Underrated Album

-Best Album Artwork (aka Album Art of the Year)

-Album of the Year (Australia): To be voted on and presented by the partitioners of The Official Aussie Music Thread, because they are awesome like that.

-Album of the Year (Canada)

-Album of the Year (United States)

-Album of the Year (United Kingdom)

-Album of the Year (Rest of Europe)

-Music Event of the Year

-Best Live Act/Tour of the Year

-Music Disaster/Disgrace to Music


New Award Ideas for 2010

-Best Group (Europe + North America)

-Best Group (Rest of the World)

-Best Solo Artist

-Best B-Side

-Best New Band/Artist (as Will said, not necessarily new as in debut)

-Best Cover (Band/Artist)

-Best Cover (Coldplayer)

-Best Label

-Biggest Fangirl (band/user)

-Biggest Fanboy (band/user)

-Most interesting/in depth posts

-Favorite thread

-Best WoM musician/artist

-Music Master (award to go to person that defines or people think of when they think of the WoM)

-Best new artist introduced to forum (2010)


UPDATE: Nomination Information


What's gonna happen is that you guys are gonna pick what you want for each category and PM your votes to my inbox. You can nominate up to 2 or 3 people for each category, and you are allowed to nominate yourself.


To make things easier, I'm going to set the deadline for nominations for December 20th. That is, unless enough people protest, in which I'll adjust it accordingly.


Disclaimer: Please continue to watch for updates on the first page. Things are always subject to change.


UPDATE: The deadline has been very much extended. The deadline is NOT last month, so it has not passed, and people can very well vote. The new deadline will be set...eventually. :uhoh: Sorry, I've been absent from the site for like, a week now. D:


Thank you. :nice:


I was asked by several of the partitioners to place this here, so I am. This is a last-ditch effort to get the word out. If there's an issue with the thread, the mods can always fix it.


(Thread title courtesy of Will, aka "The Final Track")


UPDATE: The deadline I have set for ballots is this Friday, February 4 at 5 pm CST (GMT -6). If they are not in by this time, they will not count. No exceptions will be made. After this, I will give a shortlist for awards that need run-offs, and I'll let everyone know what awards will be present and which ones won't be. On some of them, from what I can tell, there's no way at all to shortlist them, so I'm not going to stress out about them. I don't think that will be too many, though, so don't fret.


Thanks, guys. :nice:

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OK, so I've tallied up votes for the ballots that I have in so far, and for a lot of the categories, everyone voted for someone/something different. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT? :wreck:





get the first 5/10 voted in said category for the second round if it'll be one? :uhoh:


Yes, reward those who voted first! (me)

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