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What is the most interesting place that you have been to?


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Me too.


I think somewhere that really touched me was Monserratt in Northern Spain. I have no digital photos to share, because it was pre-digital (believe it or not!)


But here is the wikipedia photo.




but we went up a mountain, part of the way was by railway, then we walked the rest of the way, it took us all day. We passed rock climbers on facing rock walls, who were miles up and stopped to chat to us over the thousands of feet drop. And when we got to the top the view was astounding.


Also the Grand Canyon, which again is amazing, and photos can't do it justice. And the painted Dessert in Arizona.. amazing place.


Latterly I visited Chicago and fell in love with the place. Such a beautiful city. And just this last summer I visited Virginia and once more fell in love. America is SUCH an amazing place.


Like some of you I would love to visit New York one day. I would also love to see Africa, and one day the Pyramids in Egypt.


This is a good thread! :D

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