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What is the most interesting place that you have been to?


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Nick asked similar question to me on tumblr so I thought I'd ask this to all of you :nice:







Anyway here's my answer to those who are interested:

I haven’t traveled much, but I’ve definitely been to few interesting places. A place that struck to mind straightaway is my stay at a rainforest in my country, Taman Negara(National Park) which apparently is also the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. I was with a local environmental society so they’ve organised everything. We did a lot of nature-related things (obviously) from climbing very tall hides which were scattered around the forest to watch the wildlife in the middle of the night (there were elephants with its babies, deers, tigers and few other animals passing by), jungle trekking, to walking through a canopy walkway which is the longest in the world and see amazing view of the rainforest from up there. I also got to see the largest flower in the world, the rafflesia. Everything is so grand in there lol.


Gosh I sounded like I’m making a commercial, but it was truly a wonderful place to go to.

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Hi :)




The most interesting place I have been to is Landeda near Brest in Brittany, France. It is a little village not far from the city and it is so beautiful, the sea is what made me love it so much because I love the sea. It is situated in the Finistère (Finistère derives from the Latin Finis Terræ, meaning end of the earth) the westernmost region of France and the "Abers" rugged fjord-like inlets on the coast are a notable feature of the landscape. Also there are lots of farmers so there were lots of beautiful cows and I thought it was so cute, it was very bucolic and maritime at once and it was beautiful and near the beach there were these gorgeous plants with little yellow flowers called "Ajonc" and they smell of coconut and it was beautiful, I was there in April and the sea when it was sunny was turquoise blue.

Sometimes there was this really light gentle caressing rain in French "La bruine" drizzle in English, and it was literally like breathing water, I had never breathed so well in my entire life :)

I am from Africa and grew up in Dakar, Senegal and Dakar is a peninsula so the sea is an important part of my life and to see this different aspect of it was great :)


Have a great day.

One Love ;)

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Wow, you all are so interesting. :wacko:


Too bad I can't really say the same. I haven't travelled a whole lot. I've never left the country, and I've only once gone to a place where it was pretty much required me to go by plane.


Given that, I have to say California. My high school band went there my senior year for our band trip, and we were selected to be the Texas representative in the annual Rose Bowl parade. We were there for three (maybe four) days, and it was the most amazing experience. We went to Disneyland and Universal Studios and did all sorts of amazing things there. I'm a small-town Texan girl, and even though I've been to Houston on several occasions, that was nothing compared to Los Angeles. It's so busy there. :dead: We did some much in so little time. I'm not sure if I want to live in an area like that, but I would LOVE to visit again.

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Wow such amazing places. I feel that my experience is inferior compared to those mentioned by all of you.

I would love to travel to more places, but it is just too costly to do so where I come from. The only countries that I have visited are Singapore(to visit some relatives) and Australia (to further my studies, which was sponsored). I just can't afford it most of the times.

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Either Hawai'i (the Big Island) or The Black Forest in Germany. :wacky:


Hawai'i was like a whole other world, and it was absolutely beautiful. . . we flew over volcanoes in a helicopter and stuff. :wacky:

But Germany was beautiful in a different way. :thinking:

So yeah.


Bermuda was also pretty cool. :thinking:

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Bermuda. :wacky: It's so beautiful, the water is the brightest blue and all the houses and people and the islands and the shops and the fish. :dead:

It's so warm there; the beaches are pink and white and perfect. The people are all wonderful and sweet and crazy and the buildings are either fantastically old or modern and quaint. And whenever you travel by boat, there's always turtles and these birds that have no feet because they've adapted to flying all the time. The scenery is just so amazing. I'd kill to go back. :sweatdrop:

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Guest howyousawtheworld
hmm I haven't been to that many places.....so it must be in Germany actually....one that comes to my mind is "Sächsische Schweiz" in East Germany.....





That is just simply gorgeous.

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I'd like to add Boston to my list. . .I've been there twice, and I loooooove that city. :wacky:

I went there on a whale watch trip in 2009, and then on a college viewing trip last spring. :awesome:

I love how it's so full of history, and it's such an all around interesting place. :wacko:


I haven't really been anywhere worth talking about. I haven't even been outside of the States. :sad:

Washington DC was pretty interesting though. I went there for two separate weeks in 2008.


I'm going to DC in 2 months for a band trip. :wacky:

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