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Best Music Site In Canada LAST DAY TO VOTE!


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searchlight2011-badge1.jpgThis has definitely been the week of CBC Radio 3 on the blog, but that is okay since it is the best music community in Canada. They are currently running a searchlight to find the answer to the question “WHAT IS THE BEST MUSIC WEBSITE IN CANADA?”. We’re honoured to be nominated alongside 49 other excellent Canadian websites.


The way it works is you can vote once ever 24 hours over on the Radio 3 website. You don’t even need an account to log in (all though really it is worth being a member). If you enjoy the Broken Speaker then consider popping over there daily to cast your vote. Don’t worry, I won’t be forcing this down your throat with 18.95 posts per day asking you to vote.


To vote simply

and scroll until you find the broken speaker.


Who will I be voting for? Check out 3 AM Revelations, Earbuds and Ticket Stubs, Hero Hill,Go North to Detroit, South to Windsor, http://www.nxew.ca/, Island SoapBox, and Quick Before It Melts.


A big thanks to all the Coldplayers who are a fan of the Broken Speaker on facebook, follow it on tumblr, follow it on twitter, and who have given me positive feedback that keeps me going!

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So a quick update. Today they cut around 50 sites. Among those cut were the sites for Arcade Fire and Joel Plaskett's sites.


And the Broken Speaker made it! Moving onto the next round of voting in the top 60.


You can vote once per 24 hours. Each vote is appreciated.


I'll do something special for you folks if I win.



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