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Coldplaying Super Bowl Party


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I actually enjoy the Super Bowl, but I'm not a fanatic of it, which is why I divide my time being in there and on the Internet. I can hear the game just fine from in here, anyway. :tongue:


For dinner, Dad made special burgers with sautéed onions. They were fabulous. :wacky:


Also, we're making brownies later. :heart:


As far as the commercials go, the Pepsi Max and Doritos commercials are my faves.

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Christina Aguilera (probably spelled that wrong) completely messed up the national anthem. :|


The Volkswagen commercial with the kid dressed as Darth Vader was just adorable. :blush:
yes indeed :wacky:


And I plan on watching the Puppy Bowl instead of the Black Eyed Peas at halftime. And the Puppy Bowl has its own halftime show... the Kitten halftime show. :cheesy:

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