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Micromalthus debilis, a species of beetle, reproduces in the following way:


Sometimes when males aren't available, females reproduce by parthenogenesis, which is basically where they give birth to clones of themselves. But instead of just doing regular old garden-variety parthenogenesis, the females of this species give birth to one male offspring, who then hangs out on his mom's cuticle for four or five days, then he inserts his head into her vagina (all right, all right, beetles don't have vaginas, "genital aperture" is the correct term), crawls in, and eats her from the inside out.






except you can't really see all of it. But Stephen Jay Gould says it's true so you know it has to be. In his words, "Greater love hath no woman."

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Why don't the beetles I study do this kind of kinky stuff?


They only rape males sometimes, when they can't find females to jump on.

Maybe I should publish that in a journal once, but i am afraid that it's not kinky enough.

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That's so cool. :wacko:


My one friend told me about a type of jellyfish that "lives forever", because if they aren't eaten or killed, after a long period of time they turn into polyps and then into more jellyfish or something. :thinking:


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