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Which song has the most epic ending??


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I really love the ending from Politik, the passion Chris puts in the song, Jonny's guitar and Will going crazy, one word: ART, it's really my favorite, although the ending of GPASUYF(2003) is also great and DAAHF and Fix You.

What do you all think?

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I love the ending of "Viva la Vida" (But that was when I ruled the World). I think the final is very powerful and emotional, and it says that there had been a story before and Chris told it in the song so...

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The Live 2003 version of Life Is For Living is one of the most epic things I've ever heard, along with the ending to Politik (I still get shivers when Chris says 'Give me love oooooover, loooooover over thiiiiiiss aaaaiiiiiii!!!!). And the ending for Clocks when they played at Isle of Wight and the live version of Viva La Vida when the entire crowd is singing.


As for the studio versions, I love Glass Of Water, Sparks, and Strawberry Swing :D

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The Scientist isn't "epic," persay, but the ending is still amazing. That said, the following songs can be described as having epic endings (although some of them are simply epic all the way through)




Death and All His Friends - The most epic thing Coldplay have ever done!

Fix You - The second most epic thing Coldplay has ever done!

Lovers in Japan

Twisted Logic

Everything's Not Lost

White Shadows - (See it break on your Horiiiiiiiiiizon!!!) :D

Life in Technicolor (ii)

Glass of Water

Lost (The ooooooh bit)

Viva la Vida

Cemeteries of London

How You See the World #2 - This one has a fantastic, crunchy ending

Pour Me - The outro for this one is...I can't even put it into words. :stunned:

Square One

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