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sxsw bands 2011


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What are some good bands to be on the lookout for this year, particulary from the UK region?


I don't mean angsty indie snobs either.


Or better yet, what are some albums to be on the look out for in the coming weeks?

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Yuck made quite the splash at SXSW. so they're an act worth looking out for in 2011. has everyone heard Adrian Lux? the sweedish producer. if you're an american looking for a good brit band then Noah and the Whale is one you should keep an eye for. they've been doing well every where else for the last couple of years and are now trying to break the States. also the Vaccines are due to do big things his year.


thats about all i've heard from SXSW. the main appeal for me of the festival would be the number of surprises performance and intimate performances. the stand outs have been foo fighters did a surprise show to launch their dvd, jack white did a short performance outside of his caravan, the strokes did a free show that caused a riot as did Death From Above 1979 and kanye west brought on the who's who of hip hop at his invite only show. tv on the radio showcased their new album.

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