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Does anyone know the font from the single cover?

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The Oracle answered that recently.





June 1, 2011 - submitted by Christopher, United States of America


Q. Dear Oracle: what is the name of the font on the new single's cover? Is it even a font, or perhaps something hand-designed?



a budding graphic designer.



The Oracle replies:


It's basically a modified bubble font of which there are many variants.

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I too needed the font and also failed to find anything suitable on the internet so I took the plunge and, despite having never done it before, went ahead and created the font. It's my first font and is all from scratch so please forgive me if it's not 100% accurate, but I'm pretty pleased with the results.


A few notes: -


1) Despite the excellent coverage of the alphabet in the three song covers, the letters B, H, K, Q, X, Z are not present in anything they've released thus far so I've had to make those 6 up. I'm pretty happy with what I came up with apart from the H. As soon as they release further material that contains these letters (Hurts Like a Heaven for a single please!) I'll amend the font.


2) I've only done upper case A-Z, no lower case, no numbers and no special characters. I may add numbers in the future.


3) The font is a solid font as this is more flexible for my requirements. You can use it as an outline in graphics applications but if there is enough demand for an outline version I will create one.


4) I've not done the teardrop, eye nor the exhaust fumes but may also add them if it proves desirable to people.


It's free to distribute so share away!


Download URL: http://www.coldplace.co.uk/fonts/MajorMinus.ttf


Any and all feedback is welcome.

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It really depends on the software in which you're using the font. I made it solid because I'll be using it in graphics apps like Photoshop and you can set the text to be outline only. I don't think you can do the same in something like Microsoft Word. It was quicker to make the font solid rather than outline only and more flexible for me as I can use it as outline only or solid this way. If there's enough demand though, I will make an outline only version.

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I'm glad you like it..sure, i don't mind MrClimatize... i got the graffiti background from a wallpaper site. i also made covers for charlie brown and us against the world. just let me know if you guys want to see it. :)

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I think the font is called 'Boogie Outline 3'

Some websites are charging like £20 and £70 for it. Absolute, unjustifiable madness.


I could buy Coldplay's discography for this but i wouldnt bother because i already have them lol :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:

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