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E3 2011

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That time of year again. Any fellow video game fans will know what this is about. Upcoming games, consoles, periphials, engines and anything else related to gaming is displayed and revealed. With games like Gears of War 3, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, Arkham City and countless others confirmed to appear, as well as the unveiling of the next Nintendo console and a more in-depth look at the PSP2 (currently with the working title Next Generation Portable), this is looking like one of the best E3's ever.


What games are you all looking forward to? What games are you expecting to have a surprise reveal?


I can't wait to see Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 in action :D and I'm expecting Grand Theft Auto V to be announced (it's rumoured to be set in Los Santos now, after a few years of it being rumoured to be set in Vice City). I also think it'll be interesting to see how Nintendo follow up something as big as the Wii. :)

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I don't consider myself a regular gamer anymore, as even though video games used to be my favorite thing to do, I have had incredibly little time to play anything since starting college and work a few years ago. A few weeks ago, I actually sold my Xbox 360, DS Lite, and all games for each because I hadn't turned on either in over a year.


But I still like watching the E3 press conferences. It's difficult to truly excite me with a game nowadays, but I still pick up a couple titles per year. Project Cafe definitely has me intrigued, although at the moment I mainly want to see more material for 3DS. I'm waiting for some big names to drop on 3DS before I finally buy one, as portable gaming is still easy for me to handle even though I don't dedicate much time to consoles anymore.


Sony's next handheld should be interesting, but if I'm putting any money down for a new gaming device this year, it'll be the 3DS.

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New 3DS titles are a given, considering the small range that was released as the starting line.

I HOPE TO GOD those rumors about the next-gen Nintendo console are false. You know, those ones about how there would be a touchscreen pad or some such? Nintendo took a step back in the direction of actual gaming instead of going for the casual market with the Wii, but we will see.


Can't wait to see Skyrim.

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CebyqO8DygY]YouTube - ‪Fruit Ninja Kinect: E3 2011 Official Trailer‬‏[/ame]


One of the more legendary things I have seen.



Also very very excited for Skyrim... dwagons whee! Dual wielding yay!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic6dKnv3WdU]YouTube - ‪"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" E3 Gameplay Demo‬‏[/ame]


Even if I need to get a new graphics card to play this, WORTH IT!

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Didn't think any of the "Big 3" conferences were that impressive. Microsoft looked flat-out awful and makes me feel better about selling my 360. Sony was par-for-the-course. Same with Nintendo, although they also had the burden of being the most hyped one this year. In terms of software, there's really nothing that jumped out at me that we didn't already know about before the show. Mario on 3DS this year ensures that I'll have a 3DS before year's end, while I'll wait for Vita to pick up steam before I seriously look into that one.


Like I said, I haven't had time for consoles in a while. That apparently isn't changing this year.

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Looked like there were no standouts to me as well. The excitement is in the games this year.


WiiU does look innovative but also looks very expensive.


In case anyone hasn't seen this joke doing the rounds, the origin of the WiiU name!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JElywbkSbY]YouTube - ‪Kung Pow enter the fist - weuweuw‬‏[/ame]

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Guest howyousawtheworld

I'm not as obsessive a gamer as I was say 10 years ago but I still love playing here and there when not at uni. That said probably the two best games I have ever played, Uncharted 2 and Red Dead Redemption were all in the past year and a half.


Modern Warfare 3 is looking great. Wasn't a particular fan of first person shooters apart from the first two Medal of Honor games on PS1 until I played Modern Warfare and then Modern Warfare 2. Really dramatic exciting action. Probably most looking forward to Uncharted 3 though. Both out in November I hear.

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