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I couldn't wait for the studio version...


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Well, I couldn't wait for the studio version to come out, so I took a stab at making my own version. I'm not sure if it's any good, so I didn't finish it, but I hope you might enjoy this anyway...


Since, I'm new the site won't allow links, so change the hxxp, to http



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Ah, thanks so much for the positive notes!


I am thinking of finishing this off, and then doing Hurts Like Heaven. These songs might not even be on the album, and it'll be another 6 months at least (I figure) until we have studio versions.


The drums aren't too accurate, but it's funny how the song is more kick drum orientated and has limited snare. Also interesting to note - this song isn't as simple as most Coldplay songs, and it's more like Death And All His Friends, in that the timing signature isn't the typical 4/4.


Tuning...ah, yeah...apologies for that. The chords aren't accurate, because I couldn't figure out what the hell Chris was doing in that live performance. I've only got one live recording to base this off, so I did all I can. I also don't have an acoustic, so it makes this a bit hard.

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Wow, that's the first time I've heard say some one say they like my voice. Thanks heaps.


Well, there are some major similarities in the notes that this Charlie Brown song uses, and the famou Peanuts Linus and Lucy theme. So, I can totally understand why they've named it (albeit temporarily) Charlie Brown.


Bonus points if anyone can guess which country I'm from.

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