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  1. Friday May 7 👽📻 I improve my Kaotican thanks to Duolingo (?)
  2. A lot of replies after, i'm on of this hype train ¡Choo choo! 6 years without posting on this forum, but today i understood the rare symbols on Colo Colo v. U de Chile match😅 Hello! ¡Choo choo! 🚂
  3. Tove Lo Marry Me ! The song are better than expected
  4. http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/threads/105244-2015-11-26-First-play-of-Everglow-on-Beats1-With-Zane-Lowe?p=5770321#post5770321 credits to timyyy
  5. SE VIENE EL 3 DE ABRIL SEÑORES EAEAEAEAEA A trabajar como loco este verano para juntar la plata de la entrada y el transfer, supongo que va a haber uno Hola a todos !
  6. Well, I was here when the Mylo Xypeloto (?) era explodes with a larger number of theories and post per minute, But I forgot my account during 3 years and I didn't comment or share with community in that time so... Hello again :D
  7. Any information of the tickets ? Or I only wait from the ticketek information? No puedo esperar por la chucha :angry: Oh shit, it isn't this post
  8. They make a effort - The album is too short - Where is Johnny ? - WHERE THE FUCK IS WILL :( - Oceans is'nt too bad guys ! - ASFOS isn't bad, but don't have place in the album :/ Maybe in MX - O boring ? What are you say ? PLEASE, ANOTHER AROBTHH AND I WILL DIE IN PEACE (or Another piano intro with the passion of Clocks)
  9. Send me another's Arms please My email is : [email protected] Greetings !

  10. Send me the AIMH leak please :) Well, my e-mail [email protected]

  11. Hello, Can you send me a Private Message ? I want any leak also xD Greetings !

  12. ohh my god , shirts of Mylo Xyloto, and ADIDAS, I pay for it !
  13. Happy Birthday Feliz Cumpleaños Chris Martin :D
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