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How old were you when you started to make friends?


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I remember being friends with a girl who lived near me for a bit but she moved away and I've long sine forgotten her name and what she looked like... I used to be friends with family members of my age like my cousins and stuff, but I don't think they count since it's granted you'll get along with family a lot of the time. Apart from that I had no friendships until I was about 8 or 9 and I'd hardly call any of those friendships in the typical sense tbh


I went to nursery and I never spoke to anyone unless they spoke to me. I was the quiet kid so obviously people tried to befriend me for other purposes, mainly to taunt me in the long run. So yeah, no actual friends until I was 8/9 and even then I went until I was about 12 having only a handful. I was sheltered I guess.

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Hmmm. Probably around kindergarten. Before that, from what my parents told me, I had some huge communication issues. I wouldn't talk to anyone. They had me go a full day in Pre-K instead of the typical half-day in an attempt to get me to be more social with people.

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