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My idea of LP5 album artwork


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This one was leaked as a potential possibility as well. But it was pulled at the last minute because Jonny's toe was run over by the Chrissorcycle on set.


Plus it was too similar to another album cover released this year and didn't want to deal with all that.


Don't ask where I get these leaks. If EMI catches me I'm a goner.




Ohhh man I'll probably catch some flack for that one :laugh3:

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I hope they'll use the colored circles logo in the artwork, doesn't have to be on the cover of the album, but like in the booklet and, oh, it would make a perfect fit on the disk :)


I hope they use those spiral things as the cover! It would be so cool. Maybe they could have them really faint in the background and superimpose the walking man over it? :wacky:

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