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My idea of LP5 album artwork


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the original post - i really your artwork, but the only thing i would change is the font of Coldplay - it kinda seems too hip-hop,other than that, marvelous.


Thanks! Maybe I should have changed it, but I really wanted to have something that looked really urban, but maybe I overdid it:P

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In a telescope lens, when all you want is friends... <(^__^<)


OP - I love it! It's got little elements of the roses, cartoon hearts, and Charlie Brown (because of the yellow).


And "rainbow chewie" would also be a really cool cover; AROBTTH is also what I thought of. As a poster said earlier, the rainbow circles would make a great backdrop.

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This is amazing! May I ask how you did this in Photoshop? (If you did it in there)


I actually just saw the original pic and I liked it, but it didnt had those spiral white lines, I made those with a program i downloaded for Mac , I really don't know what is it called and I can't check it out cause I'm not I'm my house with my own computer , but it's like paint but with like a million extra tools , it's easy to use actually :) (not literally a million :)

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I hope the album's artwork will be related with the ovni-stuff (something like the coldplay.com design) rather than the really horrendous graffiti-stuff (something as grothesque as the ETDIAWF artwork).

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Yes, it would be better in a more sophisticated design :lol: But I did it in 15 seconds, I hope they spend at least 20.

And yes, in spanish OVNI means UFO. The first time I forgot that OVNI is not the english word hahaha. I'd love if the word UFO is in the title. Or maybe the word "Ovni", since Coldplay already have an album with spanish title, and Chris's Gwyneth speaks it perfectly.


Spanish lessons ;)


Objeto (Object)

Volador (Flying)

No (Un-)

Identificado (-identified)

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