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my mum is going to kill me if I don't ask this but it's a stupid question.

The Doctor

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I really feel like a lozer asking this but since my mum keeps saying: you got friends in England ask it!

so I have to :(


so, well euh. ok

we're going on holiday to England for 2 weeks with our car and I had to ask where they are working on the roads over there.

since Belgium is full of these things it seems like a right question I guess :P

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Uh considering you have what appears to be a considerable compulsion about roadworks as you generalise them being everywhere and a constant pain in 2 countries, it's probably just you/your family.


Though there's probably more roadworks after the snowy winter apparently caused a lot more potholes, I don't think I've ever heard of someone noticing the amount of roadworks anywhere.

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