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Yamaha YPG-235 Customization V2


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I know this may be out there, but why didnt you just prime the parts that were going to hard to blend? If you primed the part say for the Fix You lyics with the VIVA style brush strokes you would have gotten way better blending.


In fact, I would have taken all the plastic off and primed it all. But brush strokes would have worked...

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my paper is as clear as crystal, maybe you should look again...

but it's a lot better now than your first try. VIVA is definitely the best part.


and for cool! organ....... .__________. turn off the rotary effect will ya?


I don't know if I can o_o I'll look cause there's Cool! organ and rottery, btw what paper did you use?


^ And what paper did you use?


And still, I may be stupid as shit but I don't really know how exactly did you put the viva behind the pianos subtitles. I know it blends in but how?


If your asking me my musical genus friend, the paper itself if transparent, and as I said, since I did it in photoshop, you do not need to change the opacity. It also has to do with the texture of the paper. I can't explain it really, but when you print stuff that's really solid like the VIVA. Logo, you still can see right through it.

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the densitiy of colour is far below 100% with printers. it's unneccessary on paper, and on this transparency you will always have transparent spots, that's why you see through printed areas.


dunno what i used, it read "inkjet" something, but nothing particularly special, just the usual stuff you'd get - didn't buy it myself, dad had it at home anyway

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:D righty, well, come across the boarder and take it with the 5-fingers-discount (sorry :P )

ya i'll look it up later maybe xD

um, Champion, are you planning to do something, too?

oh, oh, what i just remembered: inkjet paper, that might be THE idea if you want to decorate a guitar instead of painting it.... of course it'll remain painted (and hell no, NOT sanded before that), so it's removable.... just an idea (personally, i'd never do that since i am able to paint and spray (or maybe airbrush next time =) ) my equipment anyway, but for others it might be an alternative)

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