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Of Paper Butterflies and Coldplay


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Greetings to Coldplaying! It's really great to be joining the best fan base for the best band in the whole wide world!!!! I'm UBER excited to get more involved on this site! This is my first time posting a thread, so...sorry if I ramble!


I think I would be technically classified as a new Coldplay fan...but I definitely don't consider myself one! I'm 18 years old, so when Coldplay came out with Yellow, I wasn't much older than 6 or 7, and I didn't even know that they existed until I saw the iTunes commercial that was advertising Viva. Ever since then, I've been completely hooked, and they've very quickly moved up my line of artists and musicians to my favorite band of all time! (I like them more than the Beatles and Bob Dylan combined!) I listen to their albums all the time, and now I can't imagine my life without them!


As of now, I really can't choose a favorite album out of the main four...they all say something a little different to me, and I can relate to all of them in a separate but equal way. (If that makes any sense.) But, I'm curious to know what you guys think their best album is.


My favorite band member is Chris...but I'm not a love-stricken fan girl! I just like the fact that he plays piano, and he (like all of the boys) seems like a very sincere and heartfelt kind of guy.


I am the ONLY person in my family that likes Coldplay, and I'm constantly ridiculed for it because, apparently, black people aren't supposed to like Coldplay. I'm supposed to enjoy rap and hip hop and all of the other meaningless pop songs that they play on the radio. So, anyways, it's nice to have a place where I fit in! Lol. That's all I've got! Nice to meet you guys! Be sure to tell me what your favorite album is (and why!) ;)

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Hello! Congrats on making your first post! :thumbsup::nice:


Hmm...My favorite album...X&Y, but very closely followed by AROBTTH. I love X&Y just because I relate best to Square One, White Shadows, Talk, Low, Twisted Logic, and Speed of Sound. Really. :lol: With AROBTTH, that album has so much depth and meaning to me, that I couldn't begin to fathom my life without Clocks, Politik, In My Place, etc.



~It is lovely to have a place like this to fit in, it's a very liberating feeling. :) I'm glad to have had the pleasure of meeting you too! :)

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Welcome! I'm actually very similar to you in that I was a relatively late discoverer of Coldplay but since that moment, they quickly climbed to the top. Now I'm a huge super fan that probably knows too much about the band and their music :P


That and I also couldn't choose a favourite album pretty much for the exact same reason you can't. I ended up choosing X&Y as my favourite album, but even now I'm sometimes debate that. I love them all so much and LP5 is going to make the choice even harder! Hahaha


And as Coldplayfan_115 said, it really is lovely to have a place like this to fit it. Talking about Coldplay 24/7 and no one actually gets annoyed! Haha! Enjoy your time here, you'll enjoy it!


EDIT: OH! And Chris is also my favourite member because he plays piano (my favourite instrument which I can't play) and because he sings (something I like to do but am very terrible at, like piano :P)

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don't worry about your post, it's perfect :smiley:

my favorite album could be either AROBTTH or parachutes, but I listen to viva the most :lol:

I used to hear songs from the first two era's when I was younger, and I have a feeling they helped making me who I am. (not meaningless popsongs which brainwash you after certain amount of time :P)


PS: at first I was a lonely coldplay fan at home too, but all of them enjoy listening to their albums :nice:

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Favourite album is X&Y


However I love to listen to the other older albums too. Especially I like Clocks, Scientist, Green Eyes, Everthings not lost ... From Viva, I like Cemetries of London and Viva best and Lost. So similiar to you.


My family likes Coldplay, but not the extent I do. My husband recently said, I should not get too much occupied with them, since I made Coldplay.com my startpage and keep telling him the news.

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Hello and welcome here! :)

I know how you feel, my friends and my family don't like Coldplay, because they think their music is boring (:angry:) and depressing...

I fell in love with Coldplay rather late, it was in the Viva era, then I bought all their albums... I like Viva la Vida most but that's because it was my first Coldplay album. But I have to say that I also really love AROBTTH and Parachutes, these songs go deep into your soul! So I can't really decide, too :D It's due to Coldplay's music, every song is perfect for me... in it's own way!

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welcome :) I can not choose my favourite album neither. I love listening X&Y full album, on the other hand in AROBTTH album there are so meaningful songs for me. But I can not ignore parachutes. Because he is like Coldplay's baby. Maybe I can say Viva la Vida is my not favourtie album :D

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