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I need Constructive criticism for my christmas lights!


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Best way to learn is play with the track in one ear. That way you can clearly tell which bits need improvement :)


Play each hand seperately, listening to the original, and making sure you've got it 100% on spot. Then and only then try playing them together. Be patient with your progress if you intend to see progress. (My piano teacher always reminds me of this, but I am too quick to play with both hands - and when I am disappointed with the results, she smiles knowingly!)


Lovin' those LED's!


EDIT: Oh, and one more thing! Forget the notes to start off with. Get the rhythm and timing by tapping your fingers on a desk. Then transfer the correct rhythm and timing to the playing of the notes. Let me know how it goes. :)

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Yeah this was made like 2 days ago and i have still been practicing on this one part lol but i used your idea to listen to it at the same time and that surprisingly helped alot!


And about the leds thanks im actually thinking of finding away of changing them out so i can have a multicolored piano and i might do the colors from christmas lights! as best i can with leds

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