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(It's out...) Countdown To Paradise Thread (Real time CHATROOM embedded in first post!)


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So you're going to wait 3 more hours for something that's out now? Something that LOTS of other Coldplayers are enjoying as we speak??? lol just bustin your chops (but seriously)


I never said it was a sane decision, but it is a decision I committed to, and I'm going to stick with it. I'm also listening with a friend, so I can't just leave her now can I? :D

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hahaha.....sorry all i can do is laugh. I really cringed when the lyrics "para-para-para-para-para-para-" went on for who knows how long oh and also when i heard "Every tear is a waterfall"


oh coldplay........what have you done with this song!? :P it's ok though, obviously i love them so much that i was expecting something more. Anyways can't wait for their album because i love the other new songs :)

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Um... it's already up on iTunes! Both UK & Netherlands, as far as I checked though.

It's up on iTunes in the US as well (and for only $.99 instead of $1.29). :) I like it a lot!


Also, just wanted to thank those of you who posted links to my site (voiceradio.us) with the listen link, presumably after seeing my tweet about it--I checked Google Analytics and saw my big spike in traffic because of links from here, so thanks, haha. :) I was digging a bit on AllAccess's site and was very excited to have stumbled upon it! :D

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