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Could Us Against The World Be About The Time Chris Kicked Will Out Of The Band?

Jack Bauer

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Chris said it was about a friend of his who had a problem with drugs.


:nod: I heard/read that too.


okay, the song is relatively clear...US against the world...as in the band through thick and thin against the world.


I think it's also about this.


Coldplay songs aren't usually about something very specific : I mean maybe there are some special circumstances, and Chris may have something special in mind, but, as he often says, it's never only about one & only particular thing. You can find the meaning you want in any of their songs, so that you can relate.

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I'm pretty sure it's about the United States Against the World. It's about how the United States has tried to rule the world, as if it were the Princess of China. Only to have this empire fall.



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgs37PTYAtw]Coldplay at Lollapalooza 2011 - Us Against the World - YouTube[/ame]


Listen to Chris at 0:15 - "This is a song called UATW. It's about the potential love affair between Sarah Palin and Bill O'Reilly. In the hopes that through shared love, they will see the whole world in a whole new way."

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The music's soul is in a blended dreamscape of imagination and emotion, like a dream unfurling itself in the listener's mind; the collective imagination of a vast beehive of us all. I'm sure it has many meaning at many different levels, though the one you refer to is perhaps one of those.

The question is: how do we de-empire? Is the US really an empire, or just the place where global corporate empires moor their flagships and forge their hammers? I'm beginning to wonder..

Anyhow, fantastic song, raises the spirits of this woodsman of Oz.

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