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Could Us Against The World Be About The Time Chris Kicked Will Out Of The Band?

Jack Bauer

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no comment.


you could just not post, its not like it was directed to you....


I thought Will left the band and then Chris begged him to come back?


As I remember, Chris dismissed Will and later 'begged' for his return

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Like jc90 said, Will was dismissed in the early, early days. Chris started going to a local bar to mope around and then later on begged for Will to come back. It was on a 60 minutes interview.


I know that I started the thread.


That post in response to someone who said Will was kicked out not Chris, which we already had established.

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OK, UATW unplugged just played on the Letterman show and Chris gave a little explanation. He said it's about the band and all the negativity aimed at them. Makes me love it all the more. I think it probably means a lot to them, personally.

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I just have to say it's difficult to sing about the truth in these times, perhaps the only way to be heard is to code the truth within, to speak with emotion and suggestion rather than directly, and to get on to get out the message is a tenuous dance. When you dance with the crocodiles, you've got to choose your moves wisely.

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