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Released at October 21st in Germany/Europe?


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When I looked at the release date of my preorded copy of the Mylo Xyloto CD at amazon.de,it listed Oct 21 as the release date.

So i checked the release date at iTunes and it also said that Oct 21 is the expected release date...

Is there an earlier release for Germany or Europe? (I always thought it would also be on Oct 24)

Thanks in advance,Seppel :)

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Guest howyousawtheworld
..it will definitely be out on 21st here.. ;)

same situation with VLV 3 years back - it was released on friday june 13 here and in the UK it was released on monday june 16..

it s because in some areas of europe albums are usually rele on friday's (so in germany) and in other areas albums are released on monday's..


Pretty sure VLV was released on Thursday 12th June in the UK.

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