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  1. My ranking right now: 1. Parachutes / VLVODAAHF 2. AROBTTH 3. X&Y 4. EL / MX 5. GS 12. AHFOD
  2. 1. A Head Full of Dreams 2. Everglow 3. Up&Up 4. Amazing Day 5. Birds 6. Adventure of a Lifetime ------------------------------------------- 7. Fun 8. Army of One ------------------------------------------- 9. Hymn for the Weekend 10. X Marks the Spot (Kaleidoscope) (Colour Spectrum) 1-6: good, i like them 7-8: not bad but boring, skip 9-10: really bad
  3. Do i have to log in on wednesday to get access to the eventim presale or will i get a link once registered for the ticketalarm?
  4. 1. A Rush of Blood to the Head Parachutes Viva la Vida o.D.a.a.h.F. 2. X&Y 3. Mylo Xyloto 4. Ghost Stories
  5. It sounds great! Can't wait to watch the Blu Ray tommorrow...
  6. It would be really nice to find a video rip of the show in the multimedia section tommorow as there is no broadcasting in germany and i can't stay up to watch the stream due to work tommorow :(
  7. That looks amazing! The only thing in the world that could make it look even better is a Safety EP in the top left corner :D
  8. I believe there is more truth in the rumors of a 2015 release than first thought. As there are no tour plans for GS and they are already recording new material there might be an early surprise for us this time. But only time will tell what is going on...
  9. Nothing reminds me more of that great festival summer 2011,waiting for LP5 and that awesome cologne concert opening :) great song!
  10. thanks to amazon.de my copy will arrive one day late, though i ordered at the first possible day :( so tommorow is the day...
  11. Seppel

    Ghost Story

    Maybe a little clue about what to expect of things to come...if one could be so crazy to talk about this already
  12. Beside to the 'Fly On Part' being the perfectness itself, the outro with Apple singing makes a beautiful ending to this album, feels just like the credits to a great movie. It creates the same feeling in me like The Escapist does, just like the curtains draw close and the light softly turns on in the cinema and you keep on rethinking everything in your head with complete satisfaction. (The same feeling i had after i went out of the stadium in cologne 2012 while watching the last fireworks after they finished that great concert :D)
  13. Just about 6 or 7 times what is not that much for a brandnew coldplay release for me, but i am only listening to it when i know i got enough time to listen through the full album and not just single tracks. I really see listening to Ghost Story as a kind of journey which is even more fun when done from beginning to end.
  14. Seppel

    Ghost Story

    The transition into chorus somehow reminds me of "A Message"
  15. Death and all his Friends (9) The Scientist (8) 42 (9) Moving to Mars (9) Lovers in Japan (9) Major Minus (6) Charlie Brown (7) Shiver (7) Politik (8) Fix You (9) Give that my all time favourites are a 10
  16. It can't be that complicated to find out where to GET LEAKS, if you use just a small part of your mental capabilities and google it you might find a page in the results...
  17. Round 1 - Always In My Head Round 2 - Cemeteries Of London Round 3 - Lost! Round 4 - 42 Round 5 - Lovers in Japan + Midnight Round 6 - Viva la Vida Round 7 - Violet Hill Round 8 - Strawberry Swing Round 9 - O + Death and all His Friends / Escapist
  18. My guess not earlier than friday...
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