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It isn’t really until this point in the album that I heard songs that I wasn’t already familiar with. Among the remaining tracks, the one I was looking forward to most was the highly anticipated Rihanna-guesting “Princess of China.” Despite all the fretting/assumptions about it, I feel it is truly a standout track, the centerpiece of the album. This is probably the only other place on Mylo Xyloto where any sort of hip-hop influences emerge, but it’s done in an even more subtle way than “Paradise.” Rihanna sounds totally different here, unlike anything she’s done, and the combination of her voice with Martin’s is surprising in the best way possible. I think the feeling was mutual around the room; people applauded “Princess of China” more than any other track and none of these dedicated fans seemed put off by Rihanna’s presence – in fact, it was the opposite. This is still a Coldplay song, and Rihanna’s contribution is one that adds not only to the track, but to Mylo Xyloto as a whole. I can’t wait to hear it again.



I was sure of this, they are great duet Chris & Rihanna wow

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Guest LiquidSky
you are retarded


Stop with the name calling..


We do understand that the atmosphere can get rather tense when a new single is being released, however we will not tolerate any insulting and antagonising behaviour and will remove posts, that break forum rules, without further notice.


We appreciate discussion, but we will continue to monitor the tone of it.


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want see duets


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyyoC8fHatY&feature=related]Rihanna in high school - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_GsH0Yn6f4]Eminem feat. Rihanna-Love The way you lie and Not Afraid ( MTV video music Awards) - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dsg1g-lKDg]Maroon 5 ft. Rihanna - If I Never See Your Face Again[FNMTV 2008] - YouTube[/ame]

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MuuMuse Approved: Coldplay – “Princess of China (feat. Rihanna)”



Tonight, “Princess of China”–Coldplay‘s hotly anticipated collaboration with Princess Rihanna as featured on their upcoming fifth studio album, Xylo Myloto–has finally surfaced.


And now, here’s the thing…it’s INCREDIBLE. Like, thoroughly so.


Much like Coldplay’s 2008 collaboration with Kylie Minogue, “Lhuna,” “Princess of China” takes the song’s leading pop diva and places her completely out of her own element–musically, that is. The song itself is nothing even close to the radio-friendly Stargate-crafted booty jams that RiRi churns out on the regular: Instead, “Princess of China” drifts along on a hazy mixture of lush, dreamy synthesizers and a progressive stomping beat that come together to form something as fantastically strange and mystical as an ancient Mayan ritual anthem.


In some ways, “Princess of China” is the indie-rock response to RiRi’s stormy 2010 duet with Eminem (“Love The Way You Lie”)–but this time, the heartbreak’s being dealt against the sound of a thousand blaring, bleary synthesizers.


“Once upon a time we fell apart / You’re holding in your hands the two halves of my heart,” Coldplay lead Chris Martin mourns during this fairy tale gone terribly wrong. Soon the song’s searing synthesizers drown into the speakers, making way for Rihanna to tell her side of the story. “I could have been a princess, you’d be a king / Could have had a castle and worn a ring / But no, you let me go,” the Bajan beauty fires back.


The lyrics are incredibly poignant and painful throughout: “You stole my star,” the two singers sadly, almost deliriously sing-song in unison at one point.


Vocally, Rihanna has never sounded better than in this moment: From the opening battle chant to the woefully repeated cry as the tale draws to its painful close (“’cause you really hurt me”), Rihanna’s rarely displayed such versatility in a single song. It’s a testament to her underrated range, as well as yet another sign that RiRi’s still got plenty to offer in terms of emotional depth far beyond her own masterpiece, 2009′s Rated R.


“Princess of China” delivers a painful blow–a stunning victory for all parties involved.





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