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shit, dropped my ipod nano...


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...and now it's stuck on the "connected ejct before disconnecting" screen.


i pushed down the menu and select button several times and toggled as well, but nothing works.


i let the battery run down and when i tried various places to plug it in, the "connected screen" just comes on.


my computer recognizes it, but itunes won't so i can't restore it.


what the hell do i do now?

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I didn't lose any of my music when I did that a few weeks ago!! Now I won't do that again, because my music was on my older computer and it doesn't work anymore so I lost everything, so if I lose what I have on my ipod i'll lose 90% of my music. iTunes kinda sucks in that way, because I can't transfer the music on my ipod to my computer :\

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i have tried to those buttons mentioned down and the screen with the apple appears for a mili second, then it's the lower battery screen. when i plug into the computer, the "connected eject before disconnecting" comes on and stays forever.


how do you do i force a reboot? thanks in advance for further advice.

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