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I <3 UFO


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Do you guys think that the actual words "I love UFO" will fit into the song? I'm actually kind of worried if they do, Coldplay doesn't seem like the kind of band that would write lyrics like that. There are bands that could pull something like that off with the whole "I love you(U)-F-O" and make it cute, but I'm kind of worried that the boys might make it come across as cheesy.


Anyone? Or is this just some crazy talk? :p

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I dunno, I think those two things are statements relating to two different songs. UFO is scratched into the wall, while "I LOVE" is just painted on there.


Why would you, if putting graffiti on a wall, spray two words of a statement, then go back and scratch the rest of it into the wall?


Everything else of known origin on the graffiti wall follows this pattern of thought.

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Love U.F.O. At the first listen I remember liking Chris's guitar playing. When a guitar player changes chords and you hear his fingers slide as in Till Kingdom Come. It's calming and relaxing. Also like how it sounds like he's in a stairwell or some real small enclosed place while recording the beginning.

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