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  1. I think Coldplay should get together with Paul Epworth for whatever they do next! That'd be awesome :P
  2. Yeah I miss the old Coldplay, but right now I consider Viva to be old Coldplay. I was thinking that when the 6th album comes out, I'm going to think of MX as old Coldplay. With much thought, though, I have discarded that idea. Every Coldplay album is good. Every one. But MX is different. It's an okay album to me, but it's just not what I think of when I think of Coldplay. There isn't any sentiment I attach to it. When I listen to MX, I don't get that grand exposure of atmosphere, sentiment, imagery, and depth as I do with the other albums. In a way, that's kind of made MX suckier -- the fact that it can't match the previous albums. It doesn't have a place in my heart and I can't make room for it because it doesn't belong there. It doesn't speak to anything in me (and now you reserve the right to call me a mawkish scumbag). Although this album isn't particularly amazing comparatively, I still have hope that Coldplay will look to write music from the soul again. I hope they will write songs like 42, Shiver, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, and Fix You that have structure, imaginativeness, and creativity. I hope they make something that seems to express some type of emotion completely relevant to thousands or millions of people around the world. MX will be forgotten in a few months. A Rush of Blood and Viva La Vida will... well, live forever.
  3. MX is a good album, but I must admit I think Viva is >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  4. I swear, this album would've been so much better if they left on Car Kids. DAMMIT!!! ;)
  5. YES! It was like finding my Christmas presents before Christmas! GAH!
  6. 1) A Rush of Blood To The Head 2) (sometimes 3) Parachutes 3) (sometimes 2) Viva La Vida 4) X&Y 5) Mylo Xyloto
  7. A bit unfortunate... There's always LP6 I guess! And if that doesn't help them, I'll still love Coldplay! Just not the new material.
  8. Well, pretty much. Yeah. It is a flop in my opinion. It got a lot of attention for Paradise and ETIAW and it's going to get a bunch of attention for Princess of China, but I definitely think it's their worst album. The album is a candy-coated, imagery-lacking, trite-infested mess that was manufactured for the young generation of media-gluttons. The songs are fun to listen to, but that's about it. They lack depth. They lack... Coldplay.
  9. Well, this was a good review. A negative review, but a good one. I'm glad Mylo is a flop. Every band is earned a bad album. It's just the way the world works. 'October' was a bad U2 album. 'Pop' was also pretty bad. I think the reviewer is stupid for going 'cold turkey'. If he really liked the first two, then what's so wrong about still liking Coldplay?
  10. Wow, Princess of China isn't even a single and it's #10 on Itunes.
  11. Well... it depends on what you mean by 'done'.
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