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  1. I find with parents, favours work very well. Offer to do something in return for being able to go (like clean the house, do dinner dishes for a month, something like that). What works even better is doing favours without being asked. So, in other words, schmooze as much as possible :D
  2. It was a combination of reasons for me; I has no money, also no car, and things have been hectic lately so I don't have much free time
  3. I'd say they have the best amount of interaction with the fans they can without getting them onstage. You can tell chris always tries to engage the crowd, getting them to sing along and stuff
  4. Last night was freakin amazing :awesome: I might just live in my Mylo t-shirt
  5. Oh nothing much, Coldplaying has just come to the realisation that we're all going to be enslaved in the Dark Lord Chris' mega-bakeries and have to bake cakes for him and Jonny until we drop dead from exhaustion :nice:
  6. Absolutely nothing Is there really anything bad about Chris enslaving the world and becoming its overlord? I think not :D
  7. :surprised: :awesome: very excited now :dance:
  8. http://www.coldplay.com/newsdetail.php?id=993 It IS a comic series :awesome:
  9. The concert I'm attending isn't until the end of July (23 more days! :awesome: ) But I've done tests at home and it's pretty bright
  10. Wow, you obviously don't want to actually pay attention to what I was writing, my point was, everybody has a different opinion and you shouldn't freak out and start insulting people because you disagree with them, I wasn't trying to start a fight. I guess that's what I get for trying to be diplomatic, but hey, what the hell do I know, apparantly I'm ingorant :rolleyes: I'm going to stop now because you are obviously incapable of having an intelligent, mature conversation without over reacting
  11. I think you're missing the point of what people are saying. Most posters on the thread have a problem with the fact that whoever wrote this wrote it in such a way that the author made it look like his opinion was the only right one. They weren't calling him stupid (for the most part), they were just saying how he wrote the article in a silly, self-indulgent way. If he had said something like "I really don't like the new albums" instead of "the new albums suck and that's the ironclad truth" then we wouldn't be having this conversation. Bottom line is (and this has already been said) like what y
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