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The best I could do...


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I doubt this is the best you can do, it sounds very promising!

the 2nd half is just, epic, really sounds great

there's room for improvement on the singing bits,


That could imagine that being on the radio, or in my cd player!

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love it.


great song.


things i would change production-wise

drums are mixed a bit too low

vocals are awfully weighty (maybe cut all frequencies out below 100 hz) would help thin them

a bit.


i will say this..i hate soundcloud. i'm bandcamp all the way...i think soundcloud adds a layer of high frequency. maybe i'm crazy for thinking that. but, i also hate the way it shows the music waveform. have some surprise with the loud and soft parts...jeez

i don't like how there's not the ability to dress up the page with the band's art.

oh, and i hate the color scheme. orange and baby blue? really!? eww


haha, anyway i was just gonna say before my tangent...i didn't notice any piercing high frequencies in your mix. so, yeah...that was nice.

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I like it, but I'd also say that you could improve the singing and your production techniques. I'd also say that another drum sound could improve the "power" of the song, the one you're using sounds a bit "loose".


@Lobabe: Hey! Don't say anything against orange and blue, these are the colours of my new website... :D

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Thanks for all the commentary, I really do appreciate it.


I just use soundcloud to put up demos and works in progress, but I will establish a bandcamp once I have finished songs.


Things to improve:

• Re-record vocals

• Bring drums forward (perhaps more compression on the kick)


Other than that, how is the song...as a song? Haha, is it a good song? Does it remind you of any other bands? I don't wish to cut too close to other artists.

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