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My sister won 2 ticets to see coldplay in Norway. And that maked me so happy. But we misunderstood the whole thing, At the site , It only stood . "agelimit: 18 years" And we thought that it was the limit of beeing in the cntest. But no .. you needed to be 18 to come in. And thats my biggest problem. I'm 15. :cry::cry::cry::cry: I've cried for days that I can't come in. I called them , and they said that it was very strict. I actually started to cry when I talked to them . But they said no. So yesterday , I gave up. But NOW WHEN CHRIS IS SICK :lol: maybe I can do something that I can come in 8D . But I need your help. I don't know really what to do. Shall I call them again? Please help me :heart:

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Do you look 15? Or younger? Older?


I mean it's worth a try since the tickets are free. You just gotta try and make yourself look old enough (for example slightly more make up than you'd usually wear, but don't cake it on as that would be obvious) and you've gotta act confident. If you look nervous as you go in, they'll suspect you.

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