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The UK's most feared traffic system


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A friend sent me this, and it's really curious :P




Imagine you are driving in England for the first time.

You are already confused enough driving on the left side and knowing english people is crazy (inside the car and also outside :P).


You're thinking in five o'clock and the tea hour and, suddenly, you see this road sign, and you realize that all the money spent in the driving lessons was wasted.





You reduce the speed...

But, after a few yards, you arrive at this...








There's a kind of big roundabout with five mini-roundabouts inside. It's in Swindon, if someone wanna see it...







PS - And my dad still asks me why I don't wanna get a driving license... ;)

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That is craaaaazzzzzyyy!!

I went to England to visit my bro' and he rented a car and just started driving.. He wasn't used to driving on the left side so he would ask the person next to him to shout where to go next, and I would always get confused - it was very stressful b/c he would shout - where do i go now!! think quick! (he wouldn't even try to slow down to think about it)

stressful :lol:


now that picture up there looks reaally bad.


i love how it's called the 'magic roundabout!' :lol:

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bollocks thats easy all you have to remember is look to your right :wink3:


That's easy for you, englishman... :P


For me, it was difficult crossing the streets in London...

Tthanks God that someone thought in mark 'look right' and 'look left' in the pavement... :lol: :lol:

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