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Deciphering the title.

scrotum phillips

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Sing the title to yourself. M-Y-L-O..... X-Y-L-O... T-O... T-O like a grandfather clock chiming. its a word that forces its participant to sing it, engendering an experience to match the immediate intellectual ideation of the word upon hearing it. The tracks are meant to be manipulated- to be slowed down and sped up, to be layered and mixed, for at the soul of each song is the same simple melody: M-Y-L-O... X-Y-L-O...T-O. Each letter is an upwards-facing triangle followed by a downward-facing triangle- as with the end of Up With the Birds. The CD is not only about love, its about the process of thought- its an epistemological critique as much as a romantic or existential one; its about information, complexity, logic, and psyche. In this sense its the most mature and fecund thing our culture has produced in a while, mired as we seem to be in this effete, myopically critical, and utterly pretentious post-modernism.

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We already knew there was the same exact melody in every single song with some variations.


Aside this I guess you are Coldplayer1317.


No, because he would have been banned otherwise.




But that's really interesting :)

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