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Hi Coldplayers!

Jonny and the cake

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Ok first, I'm Italian and I'm not very good in english so... xD Well My name is Daniela and this is me:


I'm such a nerd xD, I love rock music in fact my favourites bands are Coldplay (It isn't a surprise right?) Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Kasabian, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Florence + The Machine and Led Zeppelin.


And I think that I'm not the biggest coldplayer in the world, why? Well I know Coldplay only since last year (I'm such a bad fan T_T ), I've never seen them live (I hate living in south Italy!! ), I've never seen all the live performance from the beginning so I don't really know ALL of the Coldplay stuff.

I don't own all their records or their vinyls BUT (and this is an important thing!!) I support them with all my heart and soul, and always will.


Ok can I have a fuck yeah moment? I JUST WROTE ALL THIS THINGS WITHOUT A TRANSLATOR! Ok so See You Later!

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Hello and welcome to Coldplaying. By the way, Radiohead and Muse are my two other very most favorite bands in the whole world after Coldplay! You've got GREAT taste in music...apparently! :D


Oooh Thanks! I listen to alternative rock, progressive rock, indie rock and also listen to System Of Down, Metallica and other metal bands but less often than the others!

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