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Hi! I'm Kelly


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OK. As you could see, I've been a member for a while but i just decided to introduce myself today.

So, HI! I am Kelly. I'm from the Philippines! I have been a huge Coldplay fan since guess what... 2002! It was the magically beautiful CLOCKS and IN MY PLACE that made me LOVE THEM! BUT! i was only 7 years old. So, my parents wouldnt really let me go on this site, officially follow Coldplay (but i kinda did.. shhh!) and get a tumblr and really "follow" Coldplay. (which sucks!) well, now I am 16. And they finally allowed me to get tumblr and an account! ) So YAAAY!!! So, i finally get to really OFFICIALLY follow Coldplay!!


I practically know almost everything about Coldplay because i've been following them for more than half of my life. I seriously LOVE them. and i know you guys all do too and its really great to finally meet other Coldplay fans like me!! So, i just wanted to say HI!!


Please feel free to add me if you like!

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