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[30-Aug-2012] Coldplay @ Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden


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Oh... I'm so jealous at all the people who were there D: I really wanted to go, but I didn't have enough money (the tickets were really expensive) and as I'm only 12 years old and the age limit was 13, my parents didn't wanna buy them for me either :(


Anyway, fortunatly P3 (swedish radio channel) sent the whole thing live<3 If someone would like to listen to it, here's the link: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=4067&artikel=5251662


I smiled wide through the whole consert<3 I really hope Coldplay will come back to Stockholm, and that I'll be able to watch them then :3

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Brief summary from: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/klick/article15336060.ab


While Lady Gaga's been in Stockholm partying, Coldplay made a flying visit.

They drove up from Copenhagen on Thursday and went straight to the airport after the show. The private plane took off at midnight, doesn't say where they went. Paris?










Are pictures like these ok to post here?


the Coldplay.com Oracle said they went home to their familys, so i guess they did :)

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I only got back from Stockholm last night (incredible city, loved it!) so I'm very late in my response, but the gig was PHENOMENAL :dazzled:! I had such a magical time, I was with the Oxfam volunteers so I thought we'd be right at the back of the stadium but venue staff let us go into the Golden Circle which was a wonderful start and very much appreciated - we weren't right at the front but we were quite close and that's always a lovely place to be!


Energy of the crowd was sky-high and of the 3 concerts I've been to, I would seriously give Stockholm consideration as being my favourite! The show was, as per usual, just spectacular and the best thing was that the band seemed to be really enjoying themselves! Chris' singing was really excellent that night - I know he's usually very good but he surpassed himself! Loved the fact that they did Paradise twice as well - my favourite part of being at a live show is often the banter and Chris a) starting off SoS by singing Born This Way and b) being the adorable idiot that he is when explaining about Stand Up To Cancer half made my night!


Got lots of videos (but all very shaky and blurry because I was jumping up and down so much so I won't post them!) and some photos, plus some confetti, so all in all a wonderful night. Am really enjoying looking through all the pictures - it's strange but I always end up crying with happiness after the gig when I really realise how fabulous it's been and that happened to me earlier :P


EDIT: Oh, and I am also loving (on a completely non-shallow level, obviously!) the pictures of Chris all stripped off :wink3: :laugh3: And there's a picture of Guy (maybe just coming back from the C-stage?) which I love because he looks so happy! We need to see that lovely Guy-smile more often!

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Coldplay yes. Equally amazing wonderful as well as the Stockholm Stadion 2009 . I will never ever get tired of this wonderful band. I love how they make you feel involved in the concert. I love the music, the feeling it gives, and all the memories that I created me to their music (including a lot of memories in Thailand / Asia). Several hours of total joy when just standing and smiling happily, swaying in time to the music and enjoy. This time, we were pretty far back because I am heavily pregnant and had crutches because of my SPD. But just like last time (2009) that moved the band back in the audience, up on a podium (temporarily for a few songs) and it turned out that we were standing right in front of the very podium, which meant that it felt like we were very at front a while. And the people around were really considerate and not pushed on me or pushed when they saw that I had crutches and stomach ♥ What a wonderful Thursday evening (even though the sky opened up the second half of the concert., It did not give a damn!) And I think they 33.ooo who was at the concert agree with me completely?


[thanks SPIDER girl]



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One of the reasons that I had to be home Wednesday evening last, was that I would catch a Coldplay concert with the family.

As previously described, I came home in one piece, albeit a tad upset.

Robin, Janni and I hopped in the RV for transport to Långholmens RV parking where we installed ourselves with a great zeal.

After a hearty dinner at Jensen at Wasa Street we went to the stadium and waited for the concert which according samfälliga statements would begin 19:00. Two utterly abysmal joints began the arrangement and my already tired brain cells was about to give up when the primary name entered the stage.

Coldplay is a "big" band, and it seemed, they entertained the more than 30,000 spectators, including us, but fireworks, colors and other shenanigans besides the music of course. They played, in my opinion, too many new songs, but of course they also found time to the old beauties that everyone could sing along to if it had not been for the fact that they sang and played some of them in the wrong pace at the wrong tone, likely to innovate, but to me it seemed the opposite, but I was also tired as a warthog.

All in all it was a good concert, but above all it was nice to be with family after 10 days without.

The evening ended but a 6km walk back to Långholmen where we bumped into without further parliamentary generating.



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A little bit late! Guess I was so tired after this summers concerts I forgot to write something about the last one... haha


ETIAW, I can't believe the quality of the sound, damn you Steve Jobs. When I for the first time are recording a song from the beginning to the end, it ends up like this!! Serious.. haha!!! I love Chris' dancing around in the swedish vikinghat...


GPASUYF. For you swedish speaking people... What do we think about these 2 people in the beginning of the movie? I wanted to - sorry for my language - fucking punch them in the face, those kind of people does NOT belong first row...!!!! And just a short resume, there was a young girl and boy standing right next to be complaining and had a bad attitude during the whole concert. They said several times that they were only there for Frank Ocean who never even came. Seriously... :veryangry2:


Everything about my day here http://linneah.se/2012/08/31/coldplay-stockholm-stadion-30-augusti-2012/


After 7 concerts I can tell you one thing, this was not the best concert I've been to :\ The band did a great job as always and since it was the last concert for me this year, it was AMAZING, but the audience and the arrangement from the swedish arenacrew sucked. Plus points for meeting Matt McGinn and getting my book signed though :D


I hope for a better swedish concert next time, and the odds are big since next time will be in Gothenburg ;) (promise)



(If you look really close you can spot a veerrry famous Coldplayfan in the back, hahaha :D anyone can tell?)

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