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  1. Lots of cute little Buckin moments last night at Glasgow! Chris looked to rest his head on Jonny's shoulder at one point (I have a picture but can't upload it :() and when they were coming back up the runway Chris linked arms with Jonny and twirled him round! He said something that I can't quite remember about Jonny being a beautiful mam when he was doing band introductions and for me it's all about the looks, Chris and Jonny always just seem to stare deeply into each others eyes :love: (so in my completely unbiased opinion it must be love haha!)
  2. I won't classify myself as either an 'Oldplayer' or a 'Newplayer', as I like most of Coldplay's work throughout the years and I feel there's an element of musical snobbishness in those terms (similar to 'real fan') which I don't like - but I have to say that it has reminded me to delve back into Coldplay's back catalogue and rediscover some real gems. Their Parachutes, and pre-Parachutes, era songs in particular are just :dazzled:
  3. I'm going!!! :bliss: :dance: After the stress of leaving my mum to get tickets - I was working - and getting texts from her saying that it wasn't working, we got tickets!!! Roll on concert #5 :D
  4. - Love the piano throughout and the guitar at the end - I like the song the most from 2:50 onwards - Definitely unsure about the production - a bit too much for my liking - You can definitely tell it's Chris singing! - I feel like it hints at their ballad-y origins but with a new spin Overall, I quite like it but I don't love it as much as I was expecting to from the snippet - and that's kind of disappointing as I was probably most curious about Everglow
  5. PLEASE DEAR GOD LET ME GET TICKETS TOMORROW ... that is all :laugh3:
  6. So so stressed about getting tickets! I have a presale code but the experience of trying to get tickets for RAH last year scarred me! Praying that it's not too traumatic this time round... even if the prices are!
  7. Musically, I absolutely adore it already! I love the bass and the sound and I think it's a really new direction. Lyrically, to be honest I haven't really focused on that yet or analysed it but they don't sound life-changing... That said, Chris has rarely been (with a few notable exceptions) an absolutely remarkable lyricist - but it comes from the heart, which is what matters as far as I'm concerned. Lovelovelove this :D
  8. Love the look of the new artwork, hopefully the album will be as inspired and take Coldplay in a whole new direction (I love most of Coldplay's directions, but I've always loved even more that they have a different sound each album!) Now, as others have said - I'd just like some sound! Please!
  9. Life gets so busy sometimes that I haven't been on the forum for over 10 months now but.... NEW COLDPLAY ALBUM NEWS OH MY GOD!!! This particular European has indeed just woken up (well, come online for the first time this morning!) and seen the news and gone into a frenzy of excitement! I'm praying that this isn't a troll... and if it's not, then we're going to have a new album hopefully by December ohmygodohmygodohmygod today is a GOOD DAY :D
  10. If I have a bad day I like to hide in my bed and listen to Coldplay and pretend that the world doesn't exist and I honestly feel 100% better for it :nice:
  11. Just watched the Magic video again and honestly I don't think I've ever seen Chris look as good as he does in that video :dazzled: (also I want a fangirl picture with Chris!!! So jealous!)
  12. Genuinely a little bit scared to post in here now :laugh3: I've had a bit of bad day and I've listened to Miracles about 5 times just to calm myself down, so even thought it's not perfect and perhaps a tad more poppy than I like my Coldplay to be, it gets a solid 8-9 from me for sheer joy of listening. It's just a really lovely, uplifting song
  13. Just treated myself to watching the Guy/Jonny interview - I'm studying for exams at the moment so that's how I'm using my study breaks haha! - and oh my god, I'd forgotten that Guy can actually speak! You'd almost have thought that he was a bit excessively talkative from that interview! No complaints from me though, any time Mr Berryman feels like speaking is fine by me :nice: Their interviews with Jo are always good and I suppose it's nice to hear non-Chris viewpoints about the band and their progression sometimes!
  14. I just came here to post that review - but beaten to it haha! It's a lovely review, really pleased that someone has decided that bashing Coldplay has become rather passe now and actually spoken what I feel is the truth!
  15. Also if AHFOD material sounds anything like Ghost Story I will be v v happy because that song is so great
  16. Ah thank you so much for recording the interview!!! I paused the live video so I couldn't catch up with the interview and was worried I'd missed it for good!
  17. Just had a quick trip though the last 10 pages as I've been pretty inactive on here for a few months but thoughts... - Those interview pics from iHeart Radio :dazzled: They're so pretty! And so loving! Honestly, if I saw those as a Coldplay outsider, I would 100% think they were a long-married couple who were deeply in love with other (even though we all know that's true anyway) - The HD audio version of when Jonny sang Don't Panic is amazing! I was there on the 2nd night of RAH but that never fails to be absurdly cute and lovely and ugh such Jonnyboy shy/cute smile/adorable feels :nice: -
  18. Batman, what channel is the streaming link showing now? The programme has finished now in the UK so I'm not sure if a link would be able to show you any more :(
  19. Thoughts: Jonny playing the piano :dazzled: Chris just looks beautiful, as always (but I always think it must be hard emotionally for him to play GS material) That radio theatre looks incredible, does anyone know where it is? They are such idiots I love this bloody band so much that my heart explodes every time I listen to them and watch them perform, they make me feel like this even on a bad day :hug:
  20. To be fair, I'd be more than happy with a 'poppy' album if it was UWTB-esque. I love the transition of that song, the way it goes from atmospheric and peaceful to upbeat and inspiring. I think it's one of the strongest tracks on MX
  21. I honestly think it could go either way. I'd love for them to make their own label (perhaps because Mumford & Sons did, and they're another band I admire greatly) because I think they'd put so much passion into it and I think it would be so beneficial for them to do completely their own thing, but on the other hand I don't know how feasible it would be - as others have said, they all seem to be so busy with other projects! I think they seem to have done well with Parlophone but I don't know how thing are with Universal/Warner/whoever the hell they're owned by now! I know for sure that I do
  22. ^ I literally just rediscovered Famous Old Painters the other day, because I was googling famous painters and remembered the song!! It's so great! Went into a cafe and then a shop the other day (one after the other) and both of them were playing Christmas Lights!
  23. I applied for tickets for this but I think at this stage I have to say I've been unlucky :cry: Oh well, I suppose to have seen them for a second time this year would just have been asking too much!
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