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Libertadores 2012


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It's a shame to see the two biggest uruguayan teams being knocked out that way. Uruguayan football was doing so well: got to the semi-finals in the World Cup 2010 and Peñarol were the runners-up to the last edition of the Libertadores Cup. In the meantime, Defensor Sporting is going to the next stage.

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We played like shit, lost to one of the worst teams in the competition and were the team with the worst record to get to the next stage. But I don't care. We advanced, and I'll be screaming my lungs out next week at Beira-Rio. VAMO VAMO INTER!!

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Watching the Inter game while playing poker, can't be bothered looking up the significance of the game. If someone could explain would be nice.

First leg in our draw against Fluminense in the Round of 16.


We should've won this match. We were better, but the players panicked after Dátolo missed that penalty. It took us some time to get back on out feet and it was too late. The second leg is on 10/05 (or 5/10 in MM/DD [never understood why some countries use MM/DD]).

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