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I Need Help On Getting Started.


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Well, the basic recommendation having been given (which is to find a teacher, since you already have a guitar), I'll post some useful internet links. I started playing a year ago, and sort of taught myself using many resources: books, videos and dedicated websites. I'm still discovering things, somewhat regretting that I didn't have a formal education (but I didn't have time for classes, which is why I taught myself at a rate of 15-30 minutes a day).

http://www.justinguitar.com/index.php - It's a site with free video lessons. I haven't used it much, but I've heard only good things about it. It's at the very least a place to start and even has a beginner's course - to guide you through the difficulty that is starting to play the guitar.

http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/ - it's, for me at least, the essential site on guitar. You'll find tablature, lessons, gear reviews, a quite active forum... It's great for all levels: beginners can ask questions and find answers, and once you're somewhat able to play, you can find tablature or the chords to a huge number of songs.

-> more specifically, I'll single out this particular colum: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/columns/the_guide_to/the_ultimate_guide_to_guitar_chapter_i__1_introduction_-_the_guitar.html This is essentially a beginner's course, which talks about every aspect of the guitar.



The main advice I'll give you is to not give up. Your fingers will hurt at the start, and some things are quite annoying (to put it very mildly: you'll see what I mean when you try to play a barre chord) , and it might take you some time to get to a decent skill level, and maybe it'll take you longer than you thought, but I truly recommend sticking with it. It's one of the few things that brings me a huge amount of pleasure, even if it's just playing 5 minutes during the day to a song I know.

So yeah, don't give up, get a sort of practice schedule (try to do a few minutes a day, and you'll get places quickly enough).

And finally, enjoy yourself!


And of course, you can always ask questions here - and find information related to Coldplay songs mostly (obviously).

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1. Take lessons

2. Leave when he just starts teaching you the same thing, you can go to a more advanced class.

3. To practice at home learn some easy songs with the chords you know, then start going to more difficult songs with more chord progression. Or just practice in moving your hand very quickly from one chord to another. Singing and playing is something that also helps even if you´re not interested in singing, it helps you keep the beat.. atleast for me it did.

4. Get a book and learn even more chords and neat tricks.

5. Practice.

6. Practice.

7. Practice.

8. Practice.

9. Practice.

10. Practice.



/this is obvious tho

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