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Hey :) Coldplay fan and Pianist here :)


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Hey Guys,


Newbie here


Im PJ and have been a fan of CP for about 10 years, after hearing yellow and becoming hooked there after.


Also a professional piano/keyboard player that plays covers at gigs around the country, and our sets include quite a few Coldplay songs :)


Anyway, just discovered the forum today and looking forward to discussing all things CP and sharing my music with you guys to see what you think.


I have just made another post, and anyone interested in Coldplay on the Piano should check it out - as i have posted a video of the "History of pop and Rock in 100 Piano/Keyboard Riffs" - Which includes 3 Coldplay songs. See if you can work out what they are ;)


Anyway, any other musicians that are interested in talking about playing coldplays music or just about coldplay in general would love to hear from.


Cheers for taking the time to read




P.s will link again for anyone that missed the original post ! :D




Trouble Coldplay 55) 15:34

Clocks COldplay 80) 22;44

Scientist 85) 24;22



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3ySSKqctHg]Keyboard Riffs + Piano Medley 100 covers including Adele, Coldplay, Queen and the Beatles - YouTube[/ame]

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Thanks Alba, as i mentioned i am going to do one of Coldplay next.


I want to do about 20-25 songs (or part of songs ) and obviously have to have piano or keyboard in it (or a riff that i can copy on keyboard -such as the string on viva la vida) .


Got quite a few already, but any one has any input would greatly be appreciated

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Thanks again.


What kinda of stuff do you play Purple Monkey ? I take it some coldplay :P


Also did you have chance to check out video ? What did you think ?


Will be doing Coldplay tutorial soon and other vids :)


If you let me know your channel will subscribe (youtube)



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