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Pop Tarts / Junk Food / Fried Butter leik omg

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What the fuck is canned cheese


What are you Americans eating


processed shit :awesome:



Well, I like all of those things, especially the cookies, but they aren't Pop Tarts. :disappointed:

pop tarts aren't that amazing :lol:


I feel like I should send you pop tarts, so you can say you tasted them : (

I miss the 3D Doritos, because you could bite the tip off and spray the cheese in.

3d doritos? Where was I when those were around?! :surprised:

You can do that with bugles too


yay bugles

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I actually have been told my hands are pretty big. And they are. I wear the XXL latex gloves in lab.


Stop making me self-conscious, n00b


Perhaps its just the angle of the picture.


But you need to do some manual labour boy. Your hands are as clean as a baby's.

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