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Modern music alienation

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Burial is a genius. An unintentional genius though. Sure a lot of his music sounds the same, but he's still put out some of the best music I've ever heard.


Bon Iver has a lot of average music, but I still love him to pieces.


Drake is a great songwriter, an amazing singer and an extremely average rapper. He's honest, which is what sets him apart from other rappers. He raps about real problems, not about shooting dudes. I understand if you don't like him though





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I actually bought the Drake album because of this forum's recommendation. That and Pitchfork's review and just overall buzz.


I mean it's okay. His voice bugs me though.


I don't think this really contributed. :|

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Bon Iver, Burial + Drake. These 3 artists for me highlight my alienation from modern music. I only know 1 person who does't like at least one of them. I just don't get them at all, I dunno if this says a lot about me, or if it says a lot about the stagnant state of music.

Not sure what you mean by stagnant. The names you just gave are kind of arbitrary. For one, they're in pretty different genre's, and to my knowledge most people are not expected to be well-versed in burial. Second, There are tons of groups with popular followings that come and go these days that are very much interchangeable with the aforementioned artists. The closer you look into different subgenre's the wider the map expands, to where I've recently felt that music these days seems to moves faster than I have time to keep up with, because of how much easier it is to discover new groups.


Bon Iver and Burial genuinely make me feel bad for not liking them though. Burial is pretty much unanimously regarded as genius, every song he puts out, sounding the exact same as the last one, is greeted with a orgy of words on twitter and facebook about how it's the best shit that has ever been released on humanity and because I don't like it, I must have inferior ears to everyone else.

I feel like here you're reading too much into others adoration of said artists. If I post that I think that an album is the greatest thing since Jesus, it's not meant to offend or attack those who don't agree.

My first reaction is to say you should be less insecure about your tastes, and not feel so threatened by being in a 'minority'.

That said, its important to give everything a sufficient chance to be appreciated. With Burial for instance, it's almost necessary to be familiarized with his subgenre of electronic music, and get a sense of how he contributes to the movement. I AM NOT suggesting that if you only give it more time, you will love it as much as everyone on twitter. There are some very popular pitchfork wanked albums that do nothing for me either, but never be disssuaded by the weird or unfamiliar.


Bon Iver has won a shitload of awards somehow by being completely average


and got particularly infuriating about the time his snobby fans were looking down on people who either hadn't heard of him (or them, since it's technically a band) and I couldn't avoid the masses of images showing me how flat out stupid these people were for having not heard of the messiah of music himself Bon Iver. What ignorant little cretins, they must live completely unfulfilled lives.

if you're talking about the spin-offs of the bonny bear meme. It was more of a parody of the ignorant snobbishness of those who only listen to top 40 pop, than an insistence that he is some kind of genius. He's been ubiquitous in music the last four years or so, so I must say its kind of embarrassing not to have heard his name until the Grammy's.


tbh, your thread here seems a bit aimless. A mixture of anger at others for having general opinions opposite your own, mixed with a weird guilt, mixed with anger that it's ultimately modern music that's to blame. A better way to handle it might be to explain what you dislike about said artists (You never really explained), and then follow up on your 'stagnancy theory', which you never really went into detail about.

I assume other people feel equally as alienated but maybe not from the same artists.

Not me really. I know when I'm in the minority, which is pretty often, but then I just move on to stuff I do enjoy.

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When apple announced the launch of the one hundred generation with no DRM (digital rights management) protection for downloading music, the music of chaos in the world domino began to pour out, all the world guessing the motivation of jobs is it? S writes: cloth hao overview: the future would be a no digital rights protection (DRM) of the world? This assumption was too bold, we dare not absolutely sure the answer is YES or NO. Praise highly of DRM for litigation, but in a Share (Share) as a new world of characteristics, the world is a thief, consumers are free for the Share. Steve jobs to recognize this, but many are still rare confused. Apple no longer holding the iTunes bundling commercial enclosed + iPod ecological coterie, limit the songs can only be sold iTunes in iPod played, so it and one hundred and launched the music DRM cancel cooperative download service.g.gif

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