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Rising (Original song)


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So last week my brother, my dad and I recorded our first song together. My brother is on bass, he is new to it(got it for xmas). My dad is playing on a small drum pad so it is hard for him to jam out. I'm the guitar player and the one you will hear talking. Just an original piece of music we wrote. No lyrics, all jams ;) . Please leave your opinion. I know it's not really good but were enthusiastic( Chris quote :lol: ). I'm hoping I can post more later. Thanks! Have a good day.



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5nUU0vE86w&context=C4f45227ADvjVQa1PpcFNsBkQMTW_NldUh0QTXEtS6X_aiGCNnUUE=]Rising (Original song) - YouTube[/ame]


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thank you. We try :laugh3: I will thanks for the imput. All I have for lyrics so far on that is, " When life gets heavy and breaks the levy, we swim in a flood of tears". The song is our LIT/LITii song. It could have lyrics or not have lyrics. :awesome: But thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video, it means a lot.

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